Rs 1.40bn spent from COVID-19 fund in four months



A total of Rs 1.40 billion has been mobilised in the last four months from the .

According to a report published by () on Tuesday, several donors had contributed altogether Rs 1.78 billion to the fund, while the remaining amount has been collected from various governmental bodies. Of the total collection in the fund, Rs 1.35 billion was collected in the last fiscal year, while Rs 432 has been collected in the first four months of the current fiscal year.

Meanwhile, Rs 1.40 billion has been mobilised for .

As per the FCGO, had been transferred from the fund to various local bodies over different periods of time. While Rs 55.23 million was transferred on August 2, Rs 392 million was transferred on August 24, Rs 934 million on September 7 and 22.5 million on November 13.

According to the report of FCGO, a total of Rs 384.44 million remains in the fund now.

The fund came into operation as per the March 22 Cabinet decision. The fund has been established with an aim to spend on prevention and treat

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