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    Resume Didi – A career-development organisation that assists students in advancing their goals

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    Choosing the right job for you and the finest career path for you might be tough. According to a Huffington Post research, 80% of employees in their twenties desire to change occupations. Why? Due to peer pressure, familial pressure, and society standards, deciding on a vocation on the spur of the moment!

    Resume Didi, a social company, can help you narrow down the best job alternatives for you based on your passion, personality, talents, and knowledge. Resume Didi offers career counselling as well as soft skill and employability training to recent high school graduates. Not only that, but they create personalised resumes for you in order to help you land your dream job!

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    Ms. Aakriti Acharya and Ms. Aastha Chaulagain, two enthusiastic and wonderful creators of Resume Didi, were interviewed a few months ago, and they discussed with us their idea for bringing about much-needed change!

    Read on to learn more about the discussion!

    What inspired the creation of Resume Didi?

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    Choosing the appropriate career is usually challenging, complex, and exhausting, and I am confident that I speak for the majority of people, particularly grads and students, when I say this. And in order to address this problem, we created Resume Didi. Although the notion of career counselling was introduced in Nepal over 50 years ago, it is still not included in the academic curriculum. Psychometric tests are used in career counselling to identify your interest, passion, and ability, ensuring that the career you select is the correct one for you. Unfortunately, this culture is not well-known in Nepal; nevertheless, as the phrase goes, “better late than never,” we are here to introduce this culture through Resume Didi.

    Is there a particular reason you chose the name Resume Didi for your social enterprise?

    Aakriti: Along with job advice, we specialise in resume writing. Also, we’ve noticed that most of the time, a male figure is looked up to when assistance is required, and we’d like to change that, therefore we decided to add didi to our venture’s name. Furthermore, all four co-founders are female, which is why we chose the name Resume Didi as a group.

    What other areas do you concentrate on besides job counselling and resume writing?

    Our primary services include career counselling and resume writing. We concentrate on soft skills and employability abilities such as leadership, public speaking, and communication. We are now hosting a series of seminars with experts on soft skills aimed at high school students who value career guidance and soft skills the most.

    Furthermore, as previously stated, the majority of schools and educational institutions in Nepal do not provide career counselling. As a result, we’re working to raise awareness among these institutions about the need of career counselling.

    We provide an open mic night to showcase all of the teenagers’ skills on a public stage. All of our programmes have been conducted digitally since we began our trip last year, while we were dealing with the COVID situation.

    How are job counselling, resume writing, and soft skills sessions conducted? Is it a one-on-one situation?

    Yes, we do offer one-on-one sessions, particularly for job advice. We find it more this way because everyone is different. Aside from that, we conduct group training.

    Who are your allies in the Resume Didi battle?

    Aakriti: We’re a six-person team, with four founders and four colleagues. I am in charge of operations, Aastha is in charge of accounting and development, Ranjana Ghimire is a teacher by profession and assists with curriculum design and planning, and Aliza Acharya is a computer engineer who is in charge of digital marketing, our website, SEO, and all of that.

    The remaining four associates assist us with content creation, design, and blogging. As a result, we have a very diversified team, which has undoubtedly enriched our entrepreneurial adventure.

    What were the most difficult problems you faced when you first began out, and what are the most difficult challenges you face now?


    First and foremost, convincing individuals of the need of counselling has been and continues to be a difficulty. When we tell people about our service, they assume we are either education consultants or psychological consultants. However, we have met parents and students who have expressed their gratitude for what we have done.

    Second, due of the lockdown, reaching out to schools has been difficult. It’s difficult to persuade them digitally. Furthermore, because COVID provides paid sessions, it has been difficult for kids and parents, with parents hesitant to pay for the sessions and students, despite their eagerness, not turning up.

    Nonetheless, we are doing everything we can to effect change and raise awareness. We recently conducted an open mic event at which one of our students performed a lovely poem. Her parents were pleased to see her ability being recognised in the video and provided us excellent feedback, which always motivates us to do better.

    What was it like to be a part of EntrepreneuHer?

    It was a weird experience. We were able to get a great deal of knowledge. We received mentoring in pitching, starting a business, and understanding and sustaining companies, all of which proved to be quite beneficial to us. Joining entrepreneHer allows us to broaden our horizons and take a fresh look at our business. We had the opportunity to network with a variety of business owners. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we are grateful to Blincventures.com, Clock B Innovation Business, and Jyoti Bikash Bank for putting together such valuable cohorts for companies.

    What has been your experience so far as an entrepreneur?

    Aakriti: Being social entrepreneurs has given us a lot of joy. I used to daydream about what I would do in the future. Now I feel like I’m working on something I really care about. When I watch people’s life change as a result of Resume Didi, it fills me with joy and inspires me to reach out to more people, to help more students and youths with my work and knowledge. Yes, there will be obstacles along the way, but when you see the fruits of your labour, it is the most rewarding sensation.

    Aastha: One of the finest things that has happened to me is Resume Didi. I’ve always been adept at studying people and making suggestions, and working at Resume Didi allows me to do just that. Observing students, making suggestions, providing advise, and helping them grow gives me an incredible sense of inner calm.

    Do you have any advice for aspiring business owners?

    Aakriti: Attend bootcamps and startup events; these will assist you gain a broad view on your business as well as mentorship and networking possibilities. Also, never give up on your work; business is not simple, and the early days are full of challenges, but remember why you started and stay inspired.

    Aastha: Also, don’t be afraid to accept feedback on your work from others. When you are unable to identify your problem or errors, a third party can be quite beneficial in assisting you in identifying the issue. You will grow both professionally and personally in this manner!

    Are you unsure about your career and want to make an educated about your ideal job path? Didi has you covered with her resume! To learn more about them, visit their Instagram account (@resumedidi).

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