Reliance Life Insurance IPO coming out on August 20


From August 20, Reliance Life Insurance will be issuing initial public offerings (IPOs).

The company is issuing 6.3 million units shares for Rs 630 million, according to the corporation.

There are 5,670,000 units for the general public, 315,000 units for the collective investment fund (CIF), and 315,000 units set for the company’s employees.

Reliance is selling its 30% stake in the company for Rs 2.1 billion in paid-up capital.

The initial public offering (IPO) will begin on August 20 and end on August 24.

A consumer can apply for a minimum 10 shares and a 63,000 shares.

Sanima Capital has been entrusted with the role issue manager by Reliance.

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