Realme is offering its top-of-the-line products to Nepalese customers


Realme announced that it will provide its product line to Nepali consumers.

Nepal been identified as a key for Realme. Realme is preparing to provide the world’s top smartphones to the Nepali in various pricing categories, according to its core strategy.

For the Nepali market, Realme said that it will work Shankar Group. Shankar Group is a well-known name in Nepal and other areas of the world.

Realme will cooperate others, in addition to Shankar Group, to acquire access to and hold its numerous items in the Nepali market.

Realme’s sales increased by 135% last year, and sales increased by 17% this year, according to its first-year second-quarter report. According to reports, overall sales exceeded 100 million.

In India’s second quarter of 2021, Realme a 23 percent share of the Five G smartphone market. It is in high demand in India, according to Counterpoint, with more than 50 million consumers.

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