Realme has climbed to the sixth position in the worldwide smartphone market


According to Counterpoint’s analysis, Realme has risen to become one of the world’s fastest-growing brands, ranking among the top six smartphone sellers on the global market and becoming one of the most profitable.

Realme had to raise its revenue year on year by 135.1 percent in order to be included on this list, and it did so by making Rs 150 crore available in the market in Q2-2021. According to the company, Realme is in fourth in the Indian smartphone with 14.6 percent of the total market.

Using innovative technology, Realme Company claims to have created beautiful designs and user-friendly products while keeping the needs of customers at the forefront of its efforts.

Throughout the world, it has been exceeding the expectations of its in more than 61 different markets. Realme has able to achieve success in the top five positions in 18 of these areas, according to the business.

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