Rasuwagadi border to be closed till February 21


, February 14

The closure of has been extended by a week to prevent the spread of the after a spike in the number of infections in China.

The Rasuwagadi border, which is a major between and China, was shut for 15 days on January 29 to prevent people infected with coronavirus from entering from China. However, as the coronavirus epidemic has not been contained yet, the government has decided to continue the closure of Rasuwagadi border.

“As the coronavirus outbreak has not been contained yet, we do not want to take any risk by reopening the Rasuwagadi border. Movement of vehicles and people via the Rasuwagadi border will continue to be halted for another one week (till February 21),” informed Arjun Bhandari, chief district officer of Rasuwa.

However, Bhandari said that preparations are underway to reopen the Rasuwagadi border by establishing a health desk at the border point and screening all those who enter Nepal via this border.

“As Rasuwagadi is the major trade point between , closing it for an extended period of will have a negative impact on the country’s overall trade, and development,” said Adhikari, adding that the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health and Populati

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