Rastra Utthan Lagubitta Sees Impressive Increment in Net Profit, CAR at 11.95% (Q3 FY 78/79)


Rastra Lagubitta Sanstha has released its third-quarter report for FY 2078/2079, which shows a 70.20 percent increase in net profit. The net profit for the third quarter of FY 2077/2078 climbed to Rs. 5.5 crores for the third quarter of FY 2078/2079, up from Rs. 3.2 crores in the third quarter of FY 2077/2078.

Similarly, until the third quarter, deposits climbed by 15.24 percent to Rs. 77.9 crores (compared to the previous year’s end), while loans and advances to consumers increased by 27.05 percent to Rs. 3.19 Arba (compared to the previous year’s end). Similarly, compared to the same quarter last year, Net Interest Income (core business income) climbed by 18.10 percent to Rs. 26.4 crores.

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