Radhi Bidyut Company To Issue 147.52% Right Share


Bidyut Company Limited (RADHI) intends to distribute right shares to shareholders.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the business intends to float the right share in the ratio of 1:1.4752. After adjusting for the 36.50 bonus share, the appropriate share is on the capital.

The company’s will increase to Rs 64.64 crores the proposed bonus share is adjusted. The right share is worth Rs 95.35 crores in this capital.

The firm has chosen to include the right offering on the agenda of its upcoming 15th Annual Meeting. Only after the annual meeting’s approval can the corporation sell the appropriate shares.

The correct ratio of 1:1.475 means a shareholder holding 100 shares after the bonus adjustment can apply for an extra 147.52 shares at a par value of Rs 100.

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