Project Bheri-Babai Under the third package, work on the hydromechanical system begins.


The third package of the Bheri-Babai diversion multi-purpose project has begun hydro mechanical work. A contract has struck with Zhejiang Orient Engineering, a Chinese construction business, for work on the project’s hydro mechanical components.

The project, which finished tunnel construction in the first phase, is now moving on to civil structural work in the phase. The third phase of the project, according to Senior Divisional Engineer (CDE) Pawan Adhikari, would begin in a few days.

He stated, “An agreement worth Rs 2.13 billion was struck with a Chinese business to carry out hydro mechanical operations.” “We’ve already issued the work order, and we anticipate that the work will begin in a few days.”

Under hydro mechanical work, Adhikari added, gates at the dam site Chiple, penstock pipelines, and valves would be connected at Babai, where energy is generated. “We’ve committed to finish the construction in three years.” He stated, “We are optimistic that the job will be done on schedule.”

The contracting process for electromechanical work has also begun on the project. “On behalf of the project office, we completed all procedures and forwarded the file to the Irrigation Department,” he stated. “The department will complete the procedure and request a contract a few days.”

Turbine and generator connections will be part of the electromechanical work. So far, physical progress on the project has 49.5 percent. The project is expected to cost Rs. 36.8 billion and has already made financial development of 38.31%.

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