Profit-booking limits gain of benchmark index



Despite the drop in the initial two days on profit-booking, Exchange (Nepse) index more than recovered the loss in the subsequent three days, thereby causing the to clock a week-on-week gain of 0.68 per cent or 10.27 points in the trading period between September 6 and 10.

The weekly turnover, however, dropped by 3.19 per cent to Rs 11.52 billion compared to the previous week’s total traded amount of Rs 11.90 billion.

Even though the market had opened for only four days in the preceding week against the normal five days in the review period, the daily turnover fell to Rs 2.30 billion this week from Rs 2.97 billion in the previous week — a steep decline of 22.56 per cent.

Similarly, the number of transactions fell to 145,359 from 159,104 in the previous week and trading volume dropped to 26.98 million shares traded against 30.46 million shares changing hands in the preceding week.

Opening at 1,510.42 points on Sunday, the benchmark index had dropped by 10.44 points to retreat below the threshold of 1,500 points. It shed another 12.17 points on Monday. However, Nepse index reversed course thereafter.

After rising by 7.35 points on Tuesday, the local bourse jumped by 13.05 points to close above 1,500 points again on Wednesday. The next day, despite some technical issues, Nepse index jumped by 12.48 points to close the trading week at 1,520.69 points.

Whereas sensitive index, which measures the performance of class ‘A’ stocks, slipped 1.10 per cent or 3.36 points to 301.38 points, the float index that gauges the performance of shares actually traded went up by 0.11 per cent or 0.11 point to 104.83 points.

After advancing 4.92 per cent in the previous week, trading subgroup surged by 14.59 per cent or 131.57 points to 1,033.36 points. The sub-index led the gainers in terms of percentage change, buoyed by Salt Trading ’s share value soaring by 16.21 per cent to Rs 3,370 and that of Bishal Bazar Company Ltd by 5.56 per cent to Rs 1,689.

In terms of points gained, non-life subgroup topped the chart by advancing 567.90 points or 7.60 points to 8,038.19 points.

After gaining 1.44 per cent in the past week, microfinance sub-index ascended by 3.95 per cent or

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