Prakash Man Singh, the head of the National Congress, will run for president of the party.


Prakash Man Singh, a former general secretary of the Nepali Congress, has stated that he intends to run for the position of central president of the party at the party’s 14th general convention in October.

At a programme organised by the NC Nagarjun Municipal Committee here today, NC leader Singh claimed the position on the grounds that he had party leaders such as Ramchandra and Shanshank Koirala in their election to the positions of president and general secretary, respectively, at the party’s 13th general convention in Nepal last year.

He accused the current party leadership of failing to carry out projects in accordance with the expectations of party cadres.

Following the 14th general convention, the NC leader stated that the party should be by putting an end to groupism. He expressed his optimism that the NC would be the party that the people had expected following the convention.

Aside from that, he urged party officials and cadres to support him in the election, claiming that the leaders and cadres of the party had that he run for the party’s presidency.

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