Physical infrastructure worth Rs 1.30 billion is damaged as a result of rain-induced disasters.


The recent floods and landslides that happened as a result of the country’s constant have caused estimated damage of Rs 1.30 billion to the country’s physical infrastructure, which includes roads and bridges, among other things.

It has been predicted that Rs 250 million has been spent on road repairs, while Rs 1.05 billion has been spent on repairs to bridges across the country, according to preliminary estimates from the Department of Roads (DoR). According to the latest information available, the incidents had closed 17 spots along routes as of Thursday morning.

Officials with the Department of Transportation (DoR) stated that traffic along road segments at seven separate places has yet to resume, whereas numerous roads have been restored and traffic has resumed in areas. In the same way, a total of 15 bridges have been completely or partially as a result of the natural calamities.

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