Own portfolio analysis free tool to differentiate stock purchased through IPO and any bonus shares


Hello everyone, newbie here.
I want to analyze my own portfolio as to how much did I actually purchase (IPO and right shares) and how much did I acquire through bonus shares. I have never purchased or sold anything through secondary market. But I have about 44 Scrips through IPO’s (some through FPO), including mutual funds.

I tried to get this information through meroshare’s portal, but I don’t think they list it as such except in My Transaction History page. Even the ones shown in My Transaction History page are the transactions done after the DEMAT system was introduced. So, I can check the historical data from IPO for all the Scrips that I own.

Is there any free tool where I can input my SCRIP name and IPO stock quantity and it would show all the bonus and right share gained till today? I don’t mind doing it manually 40+ times for all my SCRIPs.

If my question doesn’t make any sense, please let me know. I will try to rephrase it.

More at: r/NepalStock by Silly-Law4537

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  1. berojgar_keto says

    If you are looking to create portfolios there are plenty of apps…but you will have to manually entry all the bonus shares or import it from meroshare….as far as bonus shares before dematerialization is concerned the only way you can find that out is if you kept records of your physical shares ..or you could look at historical dividend data and calculate them yourself

  2. r0stay says

    The app NEPAL SHARE may help if I got your phrase correct.

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