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    Tech and AutoeCommerceOnline shopping in Nepal would be revolutionised by Daraz Live

    Online shopping in Nepal would be revolutionised by Daraz Live

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    Daraz Live, the online shopping operated by eCommerce behemoth Daraz, would offer a unique online shopping experience in Nepal, as well as being the first of its kind in South Asia. This is not only a one-of-a-kind characteristic by virtue of its existence, but it is also a novel momentum generated for the entire online buying culture in the country.

    Daraz Live, operated by Alibaba-owned Daraz, is a new addition to an online shopping experience will usher in a new era of next-level consumerism in Nepal. Daraz Live will be the first shoppable Live Stream in South Asia, and it will be available through this feature.

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    This ground-breaking function will be available on devices starting on September 1, 2021, and on iOS devices starting on September 6, 2021.

    According to Daraz, they are introducing the feature as part of their “Shoppertainment” strategy, which will combine retail and to provide shoppers with an innovative and pleasurable online shopping experience.

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    Using their mobile devices, customers will be able to have a first-hand adjacent experience of brands and their products right on the screen of their devices, which they can view from any location, be it at home, at the office, or outside.

    Daraz Live, the first of its type in Nepal, will broadcast three times a day, from Monday to Friday, at 12 p.m., 4 p.m., and 5 p.m., via the Daraz mobile application.

    Daraz Live is NOT A Typical Livestream

    Unlike a regular media live stream, this one is more formal. For shoppers, Daraz Live will provide a more seamless and dynamic β€œSee Now, Buy Now” experience through the use of artificial intelligence. Dara Live will operate on a closed-loop approach, providing clients with the choice to purchase things while simultaneously receiving information, entertainment, and engagement.

    With each new edition of its stream, buyers will have an unprecedented opportunity to get to know a brand in greater depth. Customers and sellers will be able to engage in real-time dialogues as a result of this. According to Daraz, there will also be celebrity appearances in the streams, as well as daily presents and incentives.

    Exclusive offers, product demonstrations, flash sales, unboxings, and giveaways will all be available at Daraz Live, which will take place on the shopping side of things.

    Daraz Live will Bring Sellers And Customers Together

    Importantly, Daraz Live will allow retailers to engage in direct communication with their customers, which is a feature is unique in and of itself. This also allows them to sell their items more authentically as a result of this. Sellers and their consumers will benefit from this campaign because it will increase trust and connection between them.

    β€œThe introduction of Daraz Live is the next stage in the process of developing a more vibrant and inclusive ecosystem here in Nepal,” says the company. We want to do this with Daraz Live by assisting in the development of a stronger level of connection between the customer and the supplier. It is our goal to create a robust community where everyone has a from which they can get any information they are looking for when it comes to purchasing online. We are certain that Daraz Live is the right platform for us. β€œAnd with that, we are hopeful that Daraz Live will play a significant role in assisting the e-commerce industry in Nepal to reach new heights,” said Lino Ahlering, Managing Director, Daraz Nepal

    Availability of Daraz Live

    Daraz Live will be available on smartphones in the near future. It will first be available on devices through an update on September 1st, then on iOS devices starting on September 6th.

    Customers who wish to shop online using Daraz Live broadcasts must first update their existing Daraz mobile app to the most recent version.

    Is it possible for you to shop online without having to interact with the sellers themselves? Isn’t it true it will offer significant value to the whole eCommerce experience? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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