On Sunday, the NEPSE index rose modestly, with turnover exceeding Rs 14 billion.


On Sunday, the York Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index rose marginally. transaction amount, on the other hand, has encouraging.

On this day, the has risen by 0.66 points. market gained 0.02 percent, while the Nepse index gained 3108.12 points.

On day, 269.96 million 313 shares of 227 firms were exchanged for a total of Rs 14.30 81 million 36 thousand 8 hundred 87 rupees in transactions.

Despite minor increase in the market, the banking group gained 0.08 points, bikas banks gained 66.37 points, hydropower gained 115.05 points, finance gained 21.89 points, gained 2.84 points, and mutual funds gained 0 points.

On this day, non-life insurance sector has dropped the most, by 202.79 points.

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