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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeIPO | FPO NewsOn Saturday, Sanima Life Insurance Limited distributed its initial public offering...

    On Saturday, Sanima Life Insurance Limited distributed its initial public offering (IPO).

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    Sanima Life Limited’s first public offering (IPO) distributed at Sanima Life office on Durbar Marg on Saturday morning.

    Sanima Life’s IPO has been allocated to 540,000 people at a rate of 10 lots per person, according to Prabhu Capital, the company’s Manager.

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    The applicant for the can view their IPO results on the Prabhu Capital website and in their MyShare account. The results are also available on the Sanima Life website and the CDS & Clearing website, which created particularly to display the IPO results.

    Employees received 5% of the 6 million issued, while the collective investment fund received 5%; the remaining 5.4 million shares were distributed to the general public.

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    2,419,127 general investors applied for 36,943,440 worth Rs 3.69 billion in the initial public offering. The first public offering (IPO) of the company 6.84 times oversubscribed.

    According to Prabhu Capital Limited’s manager, around 2 million people applied and were turned down.

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