OH how the mighty have fallen. NLIC in loss of 35 crore as per 4th quarter report of 77/78. Previous year their profit was 53 crore.



[You can also see how reserve have plummeted.](https://preview.redd.it/pda1c8ecm6h91.png?width=924&format=png&auto=webp&s=e1dd4ac558a0c8c6cacc45b820716e51e2835a33)

at: r/NepalStock by abhibhan10

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  1. berojgar_keto says

    reserve fund ghateko herne le life insurance fund tyatro badheko chai na herne

  2. stackoverflow7 says

    Report matra herera huncha? Pura new ya chha: https://www.beemapost.com/2022/08/49969/ Kina loss dekhako tya padnu. Company jhan strong huncha aba

  3. terabytegygabite says

    Insurance fund ko adhar ma NLIC still best ho but given its huge quantity of public shares it cannot be termed blue chip stock

  4. education_ner says

    feri FPO issue garera reserve badhayera EPS ra networth badhayera share ko price badhauna parcha NLIC le. paila ko jastai garee

  5. Sandeep_charmling says

    networth per sahre = -173.82

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