[offtopic?] Mobile wallets and bank linkage feature


Might be somewhat offtopic but I really wanted to ask this question.

E-sewa and other mobile wallets have this feature where can link their account to their online client account. Can anyone tell me why there only 23 banks which can be linked and not others?

I have an account Nabil and don’t use mobile banking services, so, I wanted to link my account but Nabil bank is not their linkage list. If anyone here knows what’s the deal with this, I would be immensely grateful.

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  1. QuoteProfessional214 says

    I use to work in bank as far I know this feature has not been deploy in all bank and I think this service is part of fonepay network. I think many of this service depends on fonepay network which has not been updated in all bank . Also bank has to enable this feature so if bank has not enable this feature it will not work for that bank. It is same for other service also like qr payment , fund transfer using mobile number , cardless atm withdrawal , load esewa etc

    I think this service was updated in my bank 4-5 month ago. Here is website [https://fonepay.com/](https://fonepay.com/) if you need more information

  2. [deleted] says

    Bank sanga agreement vako matra link garna milcha aaile lai yei ho.
    Best use nabil ko mobile banking. Bank janu pardaina siddha app download garera register gario.

    Most of them use phone pay so it is accepted in most of the places

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