Thursday, November 18, 2021
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    Nyadi Hydropower’s IPO Allotment Concludes

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    The initial offering (IPO) of Nyadi Hydropower has been completed today at the Naxal of issue manager Global IME Capital Limited.

    A total of 22,50,000 units worth Rs 22.5 crore were given to the general by Nyadi Hydropower as Initial Offering (IPO) from the company (Ashwin 15-19, 2078).

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    There are 45,000 units set aside for employees and 1,12,500 units set aside for mutual funds out of the total of 22,50,000 units offered to the general public. Two percent of the total of 22,50,000 units have been set aside for company employees and five percent of the total of 22,50,000 units have been set aside for mutual funds. The remaining 20,92,500 units are for sale to the general public, according to the manufacturer.

    The issue manager for the initial offering (IPO) is Global IME Capital Limited, and the co-issue manager is NMB Capital Limited.

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    The issue had received applications from 22,41,138 valid applicants who had applied for a total of 2,69,05,080 units, with a total of 2,69,05,080 units available for distribution. There were more than 12.85 times many people interested in this issue than there were available copies.

    According to the allotment module, a total of 2,09,250 candidates were given 10 units each through a lottery system, while the remaining 20,31,888 applicants were left with no units to go home.

    To the company’s employees, a total of 45,000 shares were allotted, while 1,12,500 shares were allocated to mutual funds.

    A total of 10,442 individuals who applied for a total of 1,41,040 units were found to be ineligible.

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