Nyadi Hydropower is issuing 22.50 lakh units of initial public offering (IPO) shares to the general public from Ashwin 15


To raise Rs 20 crore through an Initial Public Offering, Nyadi Hydropower Limited would sell 22,50,000 units for Rs 22.50 crore to the general public (Ashwin 15-19, 2078). Because of the early date, this issue will not be fully subscribed until Ashwin 19, and if it is not fully subscribed by that date, the issue will be extended until Ashwin 31, 2078.

There 45,000 units set aside for company employees and 1,12,500 units set aside for mutual funds out of the total of 22,50,000 units offered to the general public. Two percent of the total of 22,50,000 units have been set aside for company employees and five percent of the total of 22,50,000 units have been set aside for mutual funds. The remaining 20,92,500 units are for sale to the general public, according to the manufacturer.

It is possible to submit applications for a minimum of ten units and a maximum of fifty thousand units.

The issue manager for the initial public offering (IPO) has been named as NMB Capital Limited.

Each of the company’s 1,550,000 registered shares is worth $1.50, and 40,50,000 of those shares will be distributed to members of the public (both local and general), as well as to workers of the promoter institutions. In total, this amounts to 27 percent of the company’s paid-up capital.

As a result of the IPO, which will be issued in two phases, first to locals and employees of the promoter institutions (18,00,000 units have already been issued), and then to the general public, the company’s promoter:public shareholding ratio will be 73:27, and the company’s paid-up capital will amount to Rs 1.5 Arba.

In a report published today, CARE Ratings Nepal Limited (CRNL) stated that the company has been awarded an Issuer rating of β€˜CARE-NP BBB – (Is) [Pronounced triple B Minus (Issuer Rating)]’. in the case of Ngadi Group Power Limited In Nepal, issuers with this grade deemed to have a modest degree of safety when it comes to timely payment of financial obligations, according to the rating.

Nyadi Hydropower Limited is a publicly company that was established on March 1, 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya. BPCL and LEDCO collaborating to develop a 30 MW -of-river Nyadi Hydropower Project (NHP) in Marshyangdi Municipality, Lamjung district, Nepal.

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