Number of subscribers to NT’s 4G service increases by 80pc


, January 24

The of (4G) mobile network subscribers of Telecom (NT) has reached 4.1 after its service expansion.

In just four months, the number of users availing NT’s 4G service has increased by 3.3 million. As the stateowned telecommunication firm expanded its service areas, the number of users has increased significantly.

According to , NT had around 800,000 4G users till September last year.

On October 3 last year, NT inaugurated its 4G service in 32 districts simultaneously.

From then till date, service has been expanded to 66 districts.

Prior to this, NT had been providing 4G service in a few places of Kathmandu and Pokhara only. Meanwhile, after expanding its 4G service, NT has come up with its new schemes to encourage to use its 4G SIM cards.

NT is currently distributing 4G SIM to new subscribers and it has also upgraded its old SIMs to 4G SIM cards. NT has also exchanged old SIM cards with new 4G SIM cards free of .

Meanwhile, during the South Asian Games 2019, being a telecom partner, NT had distributed

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