NRB directs BFIs to ensure basic banking services


, March 25

The Rastra Bank (NRB) today directed (BFIs) to provide basic services to public during the lockdown period.

Dev Kumar Dhakal, executive director of NRB, informed that BFIs have been directed to coordinate with the local governments and ensure that public can easily withdraw their deposits.

As a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the government has imposed a nationwide lockdown effective from Tuesday, initially for a week. However, government officials have been saying that the lockdown period is likely to be extended by at least one more week. Amid the lockdown, all services, except essential services, have been shut across the country.

“As the public would need cash during such a situation, BFIs have been asked to provide basic services to customers as far as possible,” informed Dhakal.

The central bank has also directed BFIs to effectively disseminate information to the public regarding which branches are operating and the nature of services they are providing. Similarly, every branch of the banks is required to publish a notice in front of its gate with detailed information regarding branches that are operating and providing services.

BFIs have also been directed to manage cheque clearance facility at customs and facilitate traders importing essential goods from different customs points.

BFIs have also been asked to ensure the availability of cash across all ATM booths and ensure that ATMs across the country are open and functi

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