Nine people have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of two police officers in Kailali.


Nine people have been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Kailali District Court for the murder two police officers in Jugeda Village, located in the southern part of Dhangadi Sub-Metropolitan City, Kailali.

Rajendra Rana and Rohit Rana aka Parku Dhangadi Sub-Metropolitan City were sentenced by a single bench of Justice Jayananda Paneru. Raj Kumar Rana aka Gabbar, Suresh Rana, Ram Niwas Rana, Dalaram Rana aka Tallu, and Rohit Rana of Dhangadi Sub-Metropolitan City were also sentenced.

According to Raibhan Kunjeda, the District Court’s record keeper, the court sentenced those responsible for the murder two police officers to life in prison.

During the course the investigation, all of the accused were remanded in custody. On October 17, 2016, two police officers, Sub Inspector Police Govinda BK and police constable Ram Bahadur Saud, went missing while on patrol in the border area.

The bodies the missing police officers were later discovered in the Mohana River, near the Nepal-India border, where they had vanished. The police investigation concluded that the officers were murdered when they attempted to detain smugglers who were attempting to smuggle food items, primarily beans, into India illegally.

According to record keeper Kunjeda, Rajiv Gupta, a businessman from Dhangadi who was also accused in the murder case, has been acquitted by the court all charges.

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