NEPSE will be closed on Sunday due to the government declaring Yomari Punhi as a public holiday in Kathmandu


On the occasion of Udhauli Parwa, Yomari Punhi – Jyapu Diwas, the government has decided to offer the Kathmandu Valley public holiday on Sunday (Poush 04). (Dhanya Purnima). The holiday will observed by communities Nepal who are participating in any of the aforementioned celebrations.

Sunuwar, Rai, Bantawa, Lohorung, Limbu, and Yakkha Kirat communities celebrate Udhauli. When the season approaches, Udhauli signals the start of downward towards lower elevations. The Kirat people honor Mother Nature for a successful crop on the Udhauli festival day.

In this festival, the Kirat people perform unique dance called Sakela while playing a variety of musical instruments such as the Dhol and Jhyamta. At this celebration, Kirat ladies wear chhit ko guneu (a specifically designed cotton outfit).

Yomari Punhi, on the other hand, is Newari festival that commemorates the completion of the rice harvest. The full moon in December is when it is observed. Yomari is a rice flour dough filled with brown cane sugar and sesame seeds that is fashioned like a fish and cooked. During Yomari Punhi’s post-harvest celebration, this delicacy is the centerpiece of the menu.

People in the Kathmandu Valley pay their respects to Annapurna, the goddess of grains, on this full moon day in preparation for the rice harvest. The occasion is marked by sacred masked dances in the villages of Hari Siddhi and Thecho at the Valley’s southern end. People keep chaku, chocolate-like snack, or khuwa, a ricotta-cheese-like dairy product, on the day of the festival.

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