NEPSE 101 – Get Started with Stock Trading in NEPSE Secondary market


1. You will need a TMS account. TMS account is opened at broker/securities office. There are 50 brokers with branches also out of Kathmandu. More or less, all are the same. TMS is where you put buy-sell orders. Since TMS isn’t integrated with bank account, Mero share or DEMAT, you need to manually settle transactions and transfer stocks.

2. Get ConnectIPS. ConnectIPS by Nepal Clearing House is how you can transfer money for purchases on the secondary market to your broker. See list of banks where you can do self-verify without submitting an application at the bank.

IPO = Safe option. There is almost no loss. Secondary share/trading = Price goes and down. Need Fundamental & technical analysis and you need to make sure whether you are investing for the long-term or short term.

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