Nepali Government websites To Maintain A Similar Structure


The structure, feel, and navigation of Nepali government websites will be very similar to each other. The Gazette has published the Directive on the Development and Management of Official Websites of Government Offices, 2078 BS, which was adopted in December. list contains the specifications websites will be required to adhere to.

The new directive comes as a result of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) exercising the rights granted by the Governance (Management and Operation) Act 2064. Government offices will now be required to ensure the specifications outlined in the most recent directive followed on their respective websites.

The directive will provide uniformity to website design, which will make it easier for visitors to navigate through them. They will have easy-to-use navigation, content organised by category, and the ability to print documents quickly. Websites with a similar appearance indicate they will be simple to and their protection will comply with the same directive.

Additionally, in addition to website maintenance, there is a provision for each government website to undergo a security examination. Websites must also adhere to strict privacy policies, which must be validated by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) on an annual basis.

Every governmental office will now be required to have a administrator who will be in charge of updating and upgrading the office’s website. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) shall reserve the right to monitor whether government offices have maintained their web pages in accordance with the regulation.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) will first develop a template will be followed by every government office in developing their websites. The regulation covers a variety of topics, including user-friendly navigation, classification of contents, printable content, and content accessibility.

Similarly, websites must have a low bandwidth option will allow them to load more quickly, and they must open with the right layout on tabs, cellphones, and laptops, among other devices.

What are your thoughts on government agencies developing their websites in a similar manner? Are you enthused about the possibility of its applicability to the users? Please let us know what you think.

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