Nepal Telecom has not intercepted any telephone conversations: MD Adhikari


Telecom (NTC) has emphasised that the business does not engage in the practise of listening in on its subscribers’ phone calls.

NT’s managing director, Dilli Adhikari, stated today at a press conference that the business has not tapped the phone calls of any customers, despite reports the contrary. β€œWe have no to tap anyone’s phone call, and phone taping does not fall under the jurisdiction of the NT,” Adhikari stated emphatically.

According recent rumours, NT was tapping the phones of some people at the order of those in positions of authority. He stated that the National Assembly has enacted a bill on Specific Services, which includes a provision for phone tapping in special circumstances, and that the House of Representatives is currently debating whether or not to adopt the legislation.

β€œIf it is specifically listed in the law, it will almost certainly fall under the jurisdiction of the security and investigation organisation licenced by the country,” he continued. β€œThe accusation that NT is listening in on phone calls is completely unfounded. Our call tapping equipment isn’t even operational yet.”

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