Friday, November 19, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessNepal Payment Solutions and Bank of Kathmandu have formed a partnership.

    Nepal Payment Solutions and the Bank of Kathmandu have formed a partnership.

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    Nepal Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (NPS) has sent an invitation to the Bank of Kathmandu to work on several projects (BOK).

    In addition to Mr. Amar Rajbhandari, Head- Card and Tech- Service Operations, and Mr. Dilan Shakya, Officer- Card and Tech-Based Business of the Bank of Kathmandu, Mr. Pratap Shrestha, Experience Officer (CXO), and Ms. Simon Shrestha, Business Development Manager of Nepal Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd, signed the on behalf of their respective organizations.

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    With the extension of the contract, Nepal Payment Solutions will be able to expand their digital ecosystem in partnership with BOK and even developed banking amenities to their end consumers. Furthermore, consumers of BOK are provided with access to all of the services provided by Nepal Payment Solutions. The developed features of Link Account, Wallet, and Bank Transfer are available to them through member PSPs, as well as remittance and other services.

    Nepal Payment Solution is an aggregator that focuses on financial institutions (BFIs), remittance companies, payment service providers (PSPs), and businesses. Nepal Payment Solutions has worked with the majority of A-class, B-class, and C-class banks, as well as other non-bank financial institutions, to comprehensive payment solutions. Overall, NPS is a formidable fintech force, marching with more than 30 banks, 20 wallets, and remittance companies.

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