Nepal and Barbados are the first countries to establish diplomatic ties.


and signed a formal agreement on Wednesday to establish diplomatic ties. has now diplomatic relations with 172 nations, bringing the total number of countries with which has diplomatic relations to 172.

In a brief ceremony held at the Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations in New York on Wednesday morning, Amrit Bahadur Rai, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations, and François Jackman, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of to the United Nations signed a Joint Communiqué to that effect.

part of their efforts to establish diplomatic relations, the two ambassadors signed a joint letter notifying United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres the establishing of diplomatic relations the two countries.

According to a statement issued by the Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations, the two ambassadors discussed ways to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation their respective countries.

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