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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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    Nepal and Bangladesh have agreed to collaborate on the construction of the 683 MW Sunkoshi III semi-reservoir project.

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    The Sunkoshi III semi-reservoir project, with a capacity of 683 megawatts, will be in partnership by Nepal and Bangladesh. It is anticipated that a decision will be reached by December of this year, following a discussion about project structure and construction procedure.

    Bangladesh had received five separate project proposals from Nepal. It was resolved today at a meeting of energy secretaries from both nations that the project would be moved forward following Bangladesh’s agreement on Sunkoshi III. This is the first time that an agreement has been reached at the government level on the project’s construction.

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    The joint meeting was co-chaired by Devendra Karki, Secretary at the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, and Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Secretary at the Ministry of and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh, who both served as co-chairs. On Monday, a joint secretary-level conference between Nepal and Bangladesh proposed that one of the two large projects be as a joint venture between the two countries. Sunkoshi III and Khimti Shivalaya were among those who died.

    By 2040, Bangladesh hopes to import a of 9,000 megawatts (MW) of from Nepal. A increasing energy need has compelled Bangladesh to hunt for resources to meet that demand, and the country is eager to collaborate with Nepal in both public and commercial sectors. A meeting of the Collaborative Working of the Joint Secretaries of Energy of the two nations reached the decision to recommend one of the two hydroelectric projects, Khimti Shivalaya or Sunkoshi III, for joint construction following a decision by the group.

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    Madhu Prasad Bhetuwal, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, said that an agreement had been reached on the basis of the same proposal.

    The government of Bangladesh had suggested to Nepal the construction of a reservoir during the visit of the Minister for Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, Barshaman Pun, to Bangladesh. In accordance with the same suggestion, the ministry established a technical committee to conduct the investigation. During the President of Bangladesh and the Minister of for Energy’s visit to Nepal, it was proposed that a hydropower project be in a joint venture or as a single large investment.

    Several projects in Province No. 1 were proposed by the study established by the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, including Arun IV, Kimathanka Arun, Sunkoshi III, Khimti Shivalaya, and one more project.

    On the basis of the same suggestion, a joint secretary-level conference of the two nations today decided to offer one of the 683 MW Sunkoshi III and the 650 MW Khimti Shivalaya projects for investment at the national level from among the two countries.

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