NEA reduces power leakage to 9.78pc in H1


, February 16

Electricity Authority (NEA) has said that it was able to reduce in its distribution system by 1.50 percentage points in the six months of ongoing to 9.78 per cent.

NEA had earlier set a target to reduce electricity leakage from 11.28 per cent to 8.50 per cent of the total electricity supply in the current fiscal.

According to NEA, the 9.78 per cent electricity leakage figure is the lowest in NEA’s history.

The overall leakage in the NEA system had been brought down to 15.32 per cent from 25.78 per cent in last fiscal year. The to decrease the overall loss to below 13 per cent in the ongoing fiscal year.

Kul Man Ghising, managing director of NEA, said the power utility earned additional Rs 10 billion with the reduction in the in its distribution system.

“We aim to reduce the electricity leakage to an average of five per cent in the overall NEA system within the next few years, at par with the average electricity leakage in the Europe region. However, we will try to lower the leakage even further if possible,” said Ghising.

At present, NEA loses 4.04 per cent of electricity through leakage in its transmission system and 9.78 per cent through its distribution system.

Since Ghising was appointed to the top post of the country’s only power utility company, NEA has started taking strict action against electricity theft and has become more stringent in collecting dues.

Moreover, NEA has installed high-capacity transformers, and upgraded the transmission and distribution system and substations to reduce electricity leakage.

In fiscal 2017-18, NEA was able to earn net profit of Rs one billion.

NEA had forecast it would earn net profit of Rs 10 billion in this fiscal, a tar

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