Ncell plans to clear tax dues by June-end


, February 2

Private telecom , Ncell, has said that it will pay its outstanding (CGT) liabilities by June.

Ncell, which has already paid Rs 4.5 billion out of Rs 22.4 billion remaining CGT liability determined by the Large Taxpayers’ Office (LTO), has asked for permission to allow the company to clear its remaining liabilities in four instalments within June, informed Secretary Sishir Kumar Dhungana at the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament held today.

As per him, Ncell has sent a letter stating that it will pay Rs 4.54 billion each by the end of March, April, May and June.

However, Dhungana said that the LTO is yet to respond to Ncell’s letter that sought the instalment facility. “Ncell is already delaying the tax clearance process. The company will be levied 15 per cent per annum on the pending tax amount that it should clear,” he informed.

Following the verdict of the Supreme Court (SC), which determined Rs 22.44 billion as the remaining CGT liability of Ncell, the LTO had given the company an ultimatum

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