Ncell leads in call connection and setup success rate in a quality test of mobile services.


According to a recent study report issued by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the country’s telecom service providers’ phone call setup time and success rate not up to grade. In terms of call connection time and call setup success rate, however, private telecom behemoth Ncell outperforms other service providers Nepal Telecom and Smart Telecom.

In the Valley, the NTA recently performed a Quality Test (Drive Test) of Mobile services. The Drive Test, which took place in the Valley between March and June 2021, revealed that Ncell, Nepal Telecom, and Smart Telecom failed to meet the NTA’s call setup time and success rate thresholds.

The NTA has set a call setup time limit of 5 seconds or less, as well as a call setup success rate limit of 99 percent or more.

According to NTA, the call setup time in Ncell’s network was 5.27 seconds, a call success rate of 94.43 percent. According to NTA, call setup time was short among Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Telecom, and call success rate was in Ncell’s network.

Meanwhile, the call setup time on Nepal Telecom’s network was found to be 9.34 seconds, and the call success percentage on the company’s network was 90.51 percent. Similarly, Smart Telecom’s call setup time was 10.27 seconds, which was the fastest, and its call success rate was 84.47 percent, which was the lowest.

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Meanwhile, the NTA analysis revealed that call drop, or the loss of phone connections before consumers hang up, is within the acceptable for all three telecom service providers’ networks. According to the data, Ncell’s network has the least call drop problem (0.2 percent), while Nepal Telecom’s network has the highest call drop rate (0.87 percent), which is the worst among the mobile networks surveyed.

The National Telecommunications Administration (NTA) has set a call drop rate limit of 2% or less.

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