Namaste Pay is a new digital payment service that accepts payments both offline and online.


Namaste Pay, a digital payment service provided by Nepal Telecom, was introduced on Bhadra 29, 2078. It was already being hailed as Nepal’s largest digital wallet when it launched. There are payment options for both offline and online transactions with Nepal Telecom’s mobile money service. Let’s learn more about Namaste in this article.

When introduced to a market that already has other leading digital wallet service providers such as eSewa and Khalti among the most widely utilized PSPs (payment service providers), has already generated considerable interest. You might be wondering what makes it worthy of being covered by the media.

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What is and how does it work?

The service is Nepal Telecom’s rendition of a digital payment service, in a nutshell. The government-owned telecommunications company has established its own e-wallet in order to provide unique services that are not currently available through other providers. If you’re wondering what I meant when I stated ‘existing ones are lacking,’ I’ll tell you what I meant. Namaste Pay, on the other hand, will allow you to pay for your financial activities without having to go online.

is the product of the efforts of the Nepal Digital Payment Service Company Limited (NDPC), a joint venture between Nepal Telecom and Rashtriya Banijya Bank that launched the service in 2015. The company’s goal in developing this digital wallet is to provide an even more convenient and economical electronic payment service that differs from the competition. Already, the product has gathered a total of 400 million Nepali rupees (40 crores) in sales, which is a record for such firms in Nepal to this day.

What Makes It So Different?

It would be a disappointment if it were to be differentiated. Despite the fact that the end goal is still a digital transaction, this transaction is significantly different from others. Because it is a joint venture between two significant organizations, they have the means and resources to streamline the features and provide services that are distinct from those provided by others. Explore the features and advantages of this product.

is a mobile payment system that without an internet connection. Yes, you read that correctly. In contrast to any other digital wallet service currently in use, it will be functional both online and offline. As a result, consumers will not have to be concerned about having an internet connection. As long as you are connected to the Nepal Telecom network, you can use the service to conduct offline transactions at any time.

It was anticipated that customers will be able to use their balance on NTC SIM to purchase goods and services as well as conduct financial activities. However, this service will not be available for the time being due to current restrictions, which require consumers to pay a fee for their cell balance. As a result, their mobile balance, which serves as a bank account, will not function in the current environment.

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The Most Significant Advantage

Having a digital payment gateway that is accessible even when the internet is not available is a significant advantage. But it is people who live in rural areas, where internet penetration is exceedingly low, that benefit the most from Namaste Pay’s services. People in those places are deprived of the convenience of an e-wallet because there is no internet connection available. They will be able to pay for and purchase goods and services more easily now that is available, thanks to the use of a USSD code. It is the same as purchasing data packs or voice packs that contain the *code# identifier.

It is possible that people in rural areas do not have access to a high-end mobile phone or do not have the ability to install digital wallets with an easy interface and a large number of features. They require a payment solution that is simple to use while still being comprehensive. comes into play at this point in the process. The ability to pay with a mobile balance is available, and it does not necessitate the use of an internet connection. It will be a huge benefit, especially for people who use feature phones, and it will be especially beneficial for those who use feature phones.

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As was the case with the previous commercial launch, the app has only a restricted set of payment capabilities. For the time being, the following functionalities are available:

Recharge of mobile phones and payment of Internet service bills
Payment of the electric bill
Payment of the Water Supply (Khanepani) charge
There are nine banks that have been integrated to load the balance into Namaste pay.
Payment by a Merchant
Payment over the internet (coming soon)
Payment can be made offline using the USSD code *500#.
The Verdict Is In

Namaste Pay is an innovative and unique payment system. It allows for payment to be made offline. Already the largest payment service provider in India, it has a paid-up capital of NRs. 400 million in its bank account (PSP). The Namaste pay wallet’s Android app, which was in beta at the time of our testing, was crashing on us. I’m hoping they’ll update it soon so that the difficulties may be resolved as soon as possible. The extent to which its characteristics and advantages are legitimate will depend on how well it performs in the long run.

If you have used the Namaste Pay digital wallet service, please share your thoughts on your experience thus far in the comments section below.


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