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    Nabil Bank is the largest tax-payer bank in the country for fiscal year 1976-77.

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    Nabil Bank, out of all the in Nepal, was the most generous corporate tax depositor in fiscal year 1976/77, depositing a total of $1,666 million in Corporate Tax. Nabil Bank has been the highest taxpayer bank six times in the last ten years, and this is the sixth time in that period. It gives Nabil great pleasure to contribute to the government’s broad purpose of Nation Building Mechanism through its actions, which are largely focused on the proliferation of businesses, the creation of jobs, and the contribution to the coffers in the form of taxation. Throughout his career, Nabil has pioneered a wide range of banking activities in the country, which have not only played an important role in sustaining the economy, but have also paved the way for their continued expansion and broader reach to the general public, are in desperate of a better living standard.


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    Nabil Bank operates a large network of branches and ATMs around the country, with 119 branches, 189 ATMs, and more than 1, Nabil Remit agents dispersed throughout the country. The bank, which has more than three decades of banking experience, a highly trained personnel, and a robust/secure banking system, is meant to provide superior service to customers while increasing the value they receive from the bank.

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