Nabil Bank, in conjunction with TUSOM, has launched the Nabil School of Social Entrepreneurship, which intends to curate and generate 700 social entrepreneurs each year from all seven provinces in Jordan.


A CSR to support, develop, and promote entrepreneurship in Nepal has been officially established by Nabil Bank, the Nabil School of Social Entrepreneurship (Nabil SSE). This is the first of its kind in the country. Professor Dr. Dharma Kanta Baskota, Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University (TU), was the Chief Guest at a launch session held at the university in which Nabil SSE was officially announced.


With the establishment of Nabil SSE, the Bank aspires to promote socio-economic transformation in society by encouraging entrepreneurship within the community that provides innovative solutions to long-term societal challenges. In order to develop learning programs for Nabil SSE, the Bank has partnered with the School for Social Entrepreneurs India (SSE India), which will serve as the ‘Technical Partner’, assisting in the identification, support, and encouragement of entrepreneurial capacity among those working to make a positive social impact.

Two separate programs will be offered by Nabil SSE, namely: 1) the Fellowship Program in Entrepreneurship, and 2) the Certificate Course in Social Entrepreneurship. In collaboration with Tribhuvan University School of Management, Faculty of Management, the Fellowship Program will be a 6-month-long program. Nabil Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (NCSE) has been established within the campus of Tribhuvan University School of Management in order to administer the Fellowship Program. By the end of the program, 40 fellows will have completed a 6-month course and a 12-month mentorship program, which will prepare them to launch their own social enterprises with the assistance of the Nabil SSE team.













In a similar vein, the Bank has teamed with seven institutions and universities from throughout the country to offer a three-month Certificate Course for entrepreneurs.

The course will be curated by a specialized learning team with the assistance of academic institutions that have partnered with us. The program will be delivered by these cooperating colleges/universities, with the central learning team serving as an oversight body for the entire process. Nabil SSE intends to enroll 700 people every year (28 cohorts per year, with 25 participants per cohort) from seven provinces in its first year of operation.

Nabil SSE was launched at the event by Mr. Anil Keshary Shah, CEO of Nabil Bank, who spoke about how the bank intends to provide a strong platform for budding entrepreneurs who want to create sustainable solutions through their innovative approach to address various social issues prevalent in Nepal, thereby creating positive social impacts. Applicants from throughout Nepal are expected to apply, and the Nabil SSE will work to address the challenges of diverse underprivileged populations and indigenous people.

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