Nabil Bank has been awarded the title of “Leading Partner Bank in Nepal” for the second time.


In 2018, Nabil Bank was awarded the Asian Development Bank’s “Leading Partner Bank in Nepal 2021” designation for the second time. Awarded by the Asian Development Bank’s Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program for the second consecutive year in 2021, Nabil Bank has been recognised for its outstanding performance.

The Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program of the Asian Development Bank guarantees and loans to banks with the of stimulating trade by raising the overall level of the trade finance market in the region. The Trade Finance Program, which provides guarantees and loans to nations in order to help reach their sustainable development goals, enables them to overcome market challenges.

The Asian Development Bank-Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program recently announced that Nabil Bank had registered the largest number of with the Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program in Nepal between the dates of 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021, according to the statement.

Since 1984, Nabil Bank has been committed to providing prompt services to its customers. In addition to its 135 locations and 184 ATMs, it employs more than 1500 Nabil remittance agents.

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