Most foreign ministers shun VNY inauguration

Kathmandu, December 30

Although the Ministry of , (MoCTCA) had announced it would invite tourism ministers from over 30 countries, participation of high-level foreign delegates for the inauguration of 2020 campaign will not be as envisaged.

Contrary to the ministry’s expectations, tourism ministers from only four countries and high-level representatives from three countries will participate in the inauguration ceremony.

According to the ministry, tourism ministers from India, , Myanmar and Jamaica will come to Nepal to attend the inauguration ceremony.

Likewise, high-level representatives from Qatar, Bhutan and Cambodia will be attending the function on January 1.

January 1 is a for celebrations for people in most countries across the world and since most of them are on during these days the ministry has been unable to welcome more guests from other countries, as per MoCTCA secretariat.

Read the full article on The Himalayan Times.

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