Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to propose two-day leave in a week



A meeting held today at the Ministry of , Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has decided to submit a proposal to the Cabinet regarding two days of leave in a week for civil servants.

The ministry has taken such a decision to address the demands of tourism stakeholders who have been lobbying for the implementation of a in a week system to promote domestic tourism.

The meeting held today has also formed a task force coordinated by Joint Secretary of the MoCTCA Pradip Kumar Koirala and comprising Rudra Singh Tamang, director general of Department of Tourism (DoT), and Dhananjay Regmi, of Tourism Board (NTB). The task force will also comprise of a representative each from the Ministry of , Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of General Administration.

The task force has been directed to conduct a study on the possibility of providing two days’ leave a week to employees and submit the report as soon as possible. However, the task force has not been given any deadline to submit its report.

Tourism entrepreneurs have been raising this issue for a very long time. A recent survey conducted by NTB had also recommended the government to implement such a . The NTB study had also suggested the government to provide allowance to civil servants and implement a poli

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