Minister Sharma guarantees that the Arun Corridor Project is progressing as planned.


Minister Janardan Sharma stated that construction on the Arun Corridor Project will begin as soon as possible.

Speaking at a news conference organized by Press Centre Nepal, Sankhuwasabha, in this city today, the minister stated that the government would begin homework for the functioning of the Arun Corridor as soon as possible.

His remarks were followed by a statement stating that the Arun Corridor was an important project for the development of Sankhuwasabha. He stated that negotiations with the World Bank for the project were now underway.

He also stated that he would take the initiative in the functioning of the Kimathanka point.

His remarks were followed by a statement stating that the government’s top priority were the construction of a road up to Kimathanka point and the systematization of the customs office.

He also stated that the water and people’s investment concept in Nepal would lead to the development of various projects on the Arun River. In his political statement, he asked everyone not to have any doubts about the long-term viability of the coalition government comprised of five political groups.

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