Minister demands logical reasons for not splitting CAAN

A view of the head office of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal in Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Photo: Nishant Pokhrel/THT

Kathmandu, December 31

Yogesh Bhattarai has urged the Authorised Workers Union of the Authority of Nepal () to convince the government with logical reasons for not splitting the organisation rather than threatening to strike against the move.

“If the trade union workers are able to come up with convincing reasons for not separating CAAN, I will halt the submission of the related bill to the Parliament,” the minister said while addressing the 22nd anniversary ceremony of CAAN here today.

He added, however, that if the trade union workers continue to threaten the with , strike and pen down protest, ‘no one will be able to stop the government from presenting the Civil Bill at the Parliament’.

He also requested the CAAN workers to come up with constructive and productive ideas to operate the organisation smoothly.

“The organisational structure and operational modality need to be changed in tune with the times,” he said.

Emphasising that the country has left behind the culture of protest and embraced the culture of dialogue, he said, “Hence, I urge the trade union leaders to sit for a dialogue to find a feasible solution.”

Demanding the government not to divide CAAN in two different organisations, the CAAN trade union had recently announced that the workers of the authority would stop working if the government did not withdraw its decision.

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