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    Metro Online Taxi Launches it’s Service: You can book your ride @ Rs.99

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    Metro Online Taxi has launched its in Kathmandu and is currently accepting bookings. Commuters may book and begin their from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the digital embrace. To the surprise of all, the is reasonably priced, with plans starting at Rs.99 per month.

    You can book your transport with an app and then summon a taxi from the comfort of your own home. In order to accomplish this, the company has made its application available on the Google Play Store. The “Metro Online Taxi” application appears on the Android platform under the name “Metro Online Taxi.”

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    The introduction of an online taxi will bring much-needed reform to the transportation industry while also providing ease for daily commuters. In recent years, the general public has had to suffer with the exorbitant expense of taxi fares, and the syndicate has made it an unpopular mode of transportation for daily commuters. The availability of an affordable online alternative, on the other hand, would provide long-awaited relief to those who require transportation to their destinations on time. When compared to the existing practise of indiscriminate flat prices, the Rs.99 minimum fare is reasonable.

    Metro Online Taxi is looking to become the taxi network in Nepal

    The start-up has already amassed a fleet of 5K cabs under its control. As a result, it has grown to become the taxi network in the county.

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    During an introductory session with taxi drivers, Metro Online Taxi discussed the need of offering a -quality service to the public. The event was dominated by discussions about commuters’ behaviour, the use of the app, and other minor details.

    Surya Tamang, Chief Marketing Management, stated that the online taxi service will establish a new standard of conduct that would bring respect to the business. The CEO also stated that the organisation will have monthly training sessions in various locations across the world.

    Metro Online Cab operates in collaboration with taxi owners and riders to provide a -quality service. The online enterprise will serve as an additional source of support for the Digital Nepal Framework initiative. Many people who want a dependable mode of transportation while on the go would benefit from the digitization of taxi services.

    R. Bhupal Pradhan, the administrative chief of the company, announced that Metro Online Taxi will give rides for as little as Rs.99 each ride. He went on to say that the company intends to expand the service to more places in the near future, which will include more cabs, according to him.

    Commuters who use the Metro Online Taxi service would feel safer and more protected. The car’s and occupants’ is stored on the company’s servers for future reference. Taxi drivers are required to register with the government before they may provide service to any passengers. With their information being logged in the cloud, both the drivers and the passengers would feel more secure on the road.

    The taxis that operate under the company’s supervision are insured in accordance with the company’s requirements. This will give the professionals the impression that they are safeguarded by the organisation.

    The online cab service is a need in today’s world. With the introduction of Pathao and Tootle, two-wheeler ride sharing has become commonplace in Nepal, and now, thanks to digital assistance, taxis are also becoming more prevalent. The digitalization of transportation is a critical component of public transportation, and it will result in a much safer and more public transportation service, with the digital embrace serving as the lynchpin.

    Metro Taxi Online will help to improve the reputation of the taxi industry and foster greater mutual respect between passengers and taxi drivers in the process. Are you planning to book your ride in the near future? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

    Download the app here: Metro Online Taxi

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