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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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    Meroshare ‘Password Reset’ Feature Added

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    The of investors forgetting MyShare’s password is over. CDSC has investors the option to reset their passwords

    Investors will be able to the password by getting a reset link if they forget the password of Meroshare. Earlier, CDSC gave the option to try possible passwords 100 times in case the password was forgotten. Finally, CDSC has the option of ‘Forgot Password”.

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    If the password is forgotten, CDSC is going to make arrangements the investor to reset the password by requesting a reset link. In this case, the investor will be able to the password at any time if the password is forgotten.

    Here’s how to reset a password:

    1. Click on Forgot your password link on Meroshare Login page.
    2. Fill the required form (DPID, username, email id and date of birth) and click on the send button.
    3. If the information is verified, the message “ password has sent to your email” will be received. If the information is incorrect, “The information you have provided does not match with the registered information” will be received.
    4. If you received the verified message, you will a new password in your email.
    5. If you try to reset your password too many times, you will get a message saying “Maximum forgot password attempted” and if that happens, you will have to try again in 24 hours.
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    Earlier, if you forgot your password, you had to contact your DP, where the account was opened, and ask a link to reset the password. As the DP’s office is open only during office hours, there was no option for investors to reset the password except during office hours. Due to this, investors were having a hard time if they forgot their password..

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