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    Mero Kitta – Your frequently asked questions answered

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    What is MeroKitta and what are its features and benefits?

    Mero Kitta is an web application provides some of the service that you get from the Survey Department without having the physically visiting the offices.

    Some of the services Mero Kitta provides include:

    • Print the map
    • Plotter register print
    • Fieldbook print
    • Field drawing request

    What doplusents are needed to sign up for Mero Kitta Service?

    • Property ownership doplusent (Lalpurja)
    • Citizenship certificate (Nagarikta)

    does an ordinary user operate Mero Kitta service?

    • Ordinary users will have to submit online application in the prescribed format for service.
    • submitting the application, the OTP code comes on the mobile. The code is required for the duration of the service.
    • receiving the details by the office and the service to be offered is determined by the department, an SMS of the revenue amount to be paid is received.
    • Revenue can be paid by going to https://merokitta.dos.gov.np using mobile number and OTP through electronic means arranged in the system or even through a bank printing a voucher.
    • After receiving the payment, the offices will upload a digital (pdf) copy of the map and send an SMS to the mobile.
    • To get the map, mobile no. And use OTP. And the map has to be downloaded within a week (7 days).

    to open a corporate Mero Kitta Account?

    to troubleshoot if issues arise while operating Mero Kitta service?

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    If there are any problems related to the system, you can call the department’s contact number to request a solution.

    to print PDF on Mero Kitta?

    If you need to print a digital PDF file, you can print file in any Standard PDF viewer by giving it 100% in Custom Scale.

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