Mega Bank supports a 10% bonus share program for stockholders.


Mega Bank Nepal Limited is paying a dividend of 12.07 percent, plus bonus shares, to its shareholders.

Mega Bank approved the dividend amounts its at its 11th annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday. The bank would 10% worth Rs 1.46 billion and a 2.07% cash dividend worth Rs 303.35 million out of the total.

Big Bank Chairman Bhoj Bahadur Shah indicated at the AGM the bank’s investment in productive and mega will increased over the next five years. According to him, the bank paid more than Rs 1 billion in in the previous fiscal year.

Mega Bank has collected Rs 148.28 billion in deposits and granted Rs 144.50 billion in loans as of mid-October this year. It made a net profit of Rs 914.70 million in the first three months of the current fiscal year.

Across the country, the bank has 203 branches, 24 extension counters, 139 ATMs, and 59 branchless banking systems.

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