Many visitors have been stranded in Mugu as a result of the flight cancellation.


Many domestic tourists visiting the Mugu area have been trapped since October 18, when flights from and to the district were stopped owing to heavy rain. The road system in the district is difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, several roads have been damaged as a result of flooding and landslides, causing transportation to come to a full standstill.

Srijan Khatri, a resident of Nepalgunj, and eight of his friends travelled by motorcycle from Kathmandu to Mugu for the festival. He was riding a motorcycle at the time, which down along the route. He has been waiting for an aircraft to bring him to Nepalgunj for the past three days but has yet to receive a response. R0;We’ve been stranded at Talcha International Airport. We’re running out of funds. We have requested rescue operations, but so far they have been in vain “He was willing to share.

It is estimated that over 100 travellers are stranded at the airport.

According to Bishal Barun, the airport’s director, problems have arisen as a result of the suspension of flights for more than a week owing to rain.

Flights to the district were previously operated by Nepal Airlines Corporation, Summit Air, Tara Air, and Sita Air, among others.

According to Chief District Officer Rom Mahat, a letter has been issued to the appropriate authorities as well as aviation service providers in order to rescue the stranded individuals.

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