Lumbini Province is ranked second in terms of GDP growth, according to the National Planning Commission.


According to the National Planning Commission ( NPC ), Lumbini Province’s GDP will expand by 3.9 percent the current fiscal year. According to NPC data, Lumbini Province would increase by 3.9 percent in the current fiscal year, compared to a negative 1.8 percent in the previous fiscal year 2076-77. Lumbini, after Bagmati State, has the highest GDP growth rate. Bagmati is expected to expand at a rate of 4.7 percent.

Lumbini Province’s gross domestic product (GDP) is anticipated by the Planning Commission to be Rs 596 billion the current fiscal year. For the previous fiscal year, the revised estimate is Rs. 5 billion. The agriculture sector the most to GDP, accounting for 31.9 percent of GDP. Lumbini province is expected to contribute 14 percent of national GDP the current fiscal year, according to the Planning Commission.

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