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5 Helpful Computer Skills To Learn at Home During Lockdown

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When applying for a job, adding a skill to your CV is often advantageous. In a competitive job market filled with highly qualified applicants, you still set yourself apart by having a unique ability that other candidates lack.

Instead of wasting time watching television or surfing the internet when most of Nepal is on lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, learning any computer skills be very useful both personally and professionally. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of programming skills you can learn at home during the lockdown:

Graphics and Logo Design

Employers value their workers’ participation in a of activities. And if you only have basic Photoshop skills, you should include them on your resume. This will allow you to demonstrate your flexibility and innovation. Photoshop tutorials abound on YouTube, and mastering the fundamentals takes no time. You use a variety of tools in Photoshop, but constant practice and experimentation can help you become sharper and more decisive.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a fundamental ability that everyone in today’s world should have. Although it seem simple, knowing at least a few useful Excel formulas cannot be overstated. Knowing your way through your workbook makes every task much simpler, because you can do it faster and more effectively if you have enough calculations to fill an entire spreadsheet. The formulas can essentially be found on Google; all you have to do now is practice them in an Excel sheet. Excel has over 400 formulas, so you can only use the ones that are most useful to you.

Microsoft Word

Even though everyone is familiar with Microsoft Word, it come as a surprise that there are a large and variety of keyboard shortcuts that be used to speed up work and make it more convenient. Since everyone’s needs are different, it’s best to figure out the best combination for you. But if you can recall any of them, that’s fantastic. You can learn general software shortcuts, as well as shortcuts for moving around in a doplusent, selecting texts, terminating texts, applying character formatting, paragraph formatting, adding items and tables, and so on. Knowing how to use the right keyboard combination will help you get more done in less time.

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint is a versatile presentation software for slideshows. It is used by both students and professionals alike. PowerPoint is widely used in all fields, from education to industry to government, since it allows people to discuss and understand ideas and topics in front of an audience in a realistic and easy manner. Since it is so crucial, you learn how to use it more effectively and efficiently. There are several tips and tricks available on the internet to assist you in improving your PowerPoint presentation. You can learn how to use new techniques in PowerPoint, as well as presentation layout, bullets, and visuals. A visually appealing presentation would almost certainly gain you respect from your peers.

Video Editing

Wherever you go or whenever you attend parties or events, you frequently film a lot of videos and take a lot of pictures. These videos and pictures clog up your phone’s and other devices’ storage. Learning video editing will assist you in rearranging your videos and images, as well as removing any unwanted clips. This aids in resolving your device’s storage problem. You download video editing software like Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro, and you can learn the basics by watching YouTube videos. Once you’ve started studying, you can use your imagination to put together your images. It can also help you advance in your professional life.

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