Khati of Laxmi Bank, Euro Cup winner with Foneloan


The winner of Foneloan’s three-week-long “Euro Cup with Foneloan” campaign has declared. Ashok Kumar Khati, a Laxmi Bank customer, was the campaign’s winner.

According to the bank, he won a 55-inch Samsung smart TV. June 15 to July 7, users of five Foneloan Network banks, Laxmi Bank, Kumari Bank, Citizen Bank, Nabil Bank, and Mega Bank, may participate in the programme.

To be eligible for this campaign, eligible foneloan users have to take out a loan through foneloan within that time period. The winner was chosen using Foneloan’s Winner Software, according to the bank. Foneloan has informed about the paperless, unsecured smart loan facility with this ad.

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