Kathmandu-Terai Expressway achieves 16% physical progress in last four years


The Kathmandu-Tarai Expressway has made only 16.10 percent of the total physical progress made the project’s overall physical progress to date.

According to the Nepal Army (NA), which has been tasked the responsibility of developing the strategically infrastructure, just Rs 25.39 billion has been spent so far, compared to a total estimated cost of Rs 175 billion for the of the infrastructure.

Labeling has been completed around 90 percent of the 44.1 km of road that makes up the 72.5 km long highway. In a similar vein, contracts have been given for the of bridges a total length of 10.59 kilometres. Preliminary work has begun the construction of three tunnel ways in Mahadev Tar, Dhedre, and Lendada, which will be completed in the next few years.

According to a report from NA, the of access sub-ways and bailey bridges is now in progress. Owners of 4,745 ropanes the confiscated land have received compensation, out of a total of 5,172 ropanies on the acquired land.

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